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Listen to successful Ambit Energy Consultans as they guide you with insights from personal experiences that help you grow your Ambit Energy business. Your TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger will motivate you and help you reach your financial goals.

Fortune is in The Follow up

How to drip information
The proper way to introduce and follow up with Ambit Energy prospects - TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger (JJ) of says "Never beg, never show you are hungry." Your goal is to help people reach there financial dream. Learn to drip information on prospects, then follow up after they have watched your 526 video. JJ explains why you should take the sale out of the business - care about the people you are prospecting and watch your Ambit business grow.

The Law of Buy-In

Believe in You
TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger (JJ) of says "People buy in to the leader, then the vision." Listen and learn why you should set yourself as the example to earn the trust with every person you meet. Before people believe in Ambit, they need to believe in You - look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "if my team did what I did, what kind of team would I have?" Be the person others want to follow, and remember you must believe in You.

How to Connect with People

Listen to learn
Listen and learn how to connect with people on a personal level so you can grow your Ambit business. Enroll, teach, and train your team to attract and help lead people find financial freedom. Understand what people want so you can help them achieve their goals by learning what their "why" is - so you can tell them what they need to hear. TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger (JJ) of says "smile when you talking to people - more importantly, listen.

Hope. Think. Know.

Justin & Sherri Title
TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger of talks to Ambit Energy, 2012 - 2013 Top Income Earners and National Consultant, Justin Title who shares insight on how you can groom new consultants so they achieve financial freedom. Title talks about the emotional stages every new consultant experiences. and the 5 steps you need to take to make your Ambit Business Successful.

Time Freedom

Creating Family TIme
TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger of breaks down the difference between being rich and being wealthy. How you can do whaterver you want to do by accomplising time freedom – Don't be rich with money but no time to do anything with it - unlearn what you've been programmed to believe since birth, to reach your goals you must change.

Enrolling vs Signing up

On-the-job Training
How you introduce prospects to Ambit Energy goes beyond the sign up process, it requires on-the-job training to ensure your new team members are successful. TeamFIN Training Call Host, Jeff Schlesinger of and his featured guests, give you insight on creating a winning team. Learn what you need to do to enroll and train people to grow your Ambit business.

Qualifying Ambit Energy Prospects

Get New People Started
Learn how to approach people and quality your prospects so you can grow your Ambit Energy business. TeamFIN Training Call Host Jeff Schlesinger of and his special guests explain how to prepare for typical responses like "I don't' know anybody" and "how do I make my money back" when you are prospecting non-business people and help them create a list new people.

How to Earn People's Trust

The Law of Buy–In
People buy into the Leader, then the Vision. Learn to become a leader worth following so you can grow the Ambit Energy business you are promoting. TeamFIN Training Call Host Jeff Schlesinger of and his special guests tell you how to be a strong Ambit Energy business leader – capable of helping people see beyond the immediate – successful leaders go beyond circumstances.

Branding Your Ambit Business

Ambit Energy Cookies
Add a touch of class to your next Ambit Energy training with these sweet little Ambit Energy logo cookies – made in Texas by the Cookie Cowgirl with an art degree and one sweet tooth.

All of my cookies via USPS Priority Mail. Cookies are individually wrapped so they stay fresh, and then carefully packaged and boxed to keep them safe. Learn more

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What is Multiple Catch?

Responsive web design landing page system that allows visitors to view a consistent message from any device or size screen.

How does it work?

The Mulitiple Catch landing page collects visitor information, then sends you this information so you can follow up by name.

Brand Name Business

Domain name search tool enables you to register a domain name and start branding your Ambit business like the succesful consultants do.

Targeted Marketing

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