Landing Page Instructions

After you have completed your Paypal transaction ($29 / Year) to purchase the Multiple Catch landing page system, send the following details to

1. Email address you want to send prospect information
Multiple Catch captures visitor information, then sends information to your email address so that you can follow up.

2. Choose a landing page name.
Your landing page name can be any name you choose, up to 16 letters or numbers. Example: (Note: if the name you choose has already been selected by another consultant, you will be notified via email).

3. URL Redirect
When visitors submit their information (name/email/phone), they will automatically be redirected to the URL of your choice. In most cases the redirected URL will be your Ambit Energy 5.2-6 Video.

4. Consultant contact information
Multiple Catch provides visitors with your contact information with a working Google map pinpointing your city and state. This information enhances the search engine optimization (SEO) for your Multiple Catch landing page system. This information includes consultant: Name, Title, Phone, Email, City, State.

5. Google Analytics (Optional)
If you want to track your Multiple Catch via Google Analytics, provide your UA number.

Introduction Card Instructions

After you have completed your Paypal transaction to purchase the Introduction Cards, send the following details to

Consultant contact information
Send your contact information; Name, Phone, Email and Domain Name. Choose 50, 100, 400, or 1000 Introduction Cards. Cards feature a different image on each card that match the Ambit Energy Multiple Catch landing page. Introduction cards assist Ambit Consultants by helping them emphasize the financial freedom Ambit Energy offers.

2. Shipping
Send us the mailing address that you want your Introduction Cards shipped. Please allow 10 - 15 business days for delivery of your Icebreaker business cards. Introduction Cards include a professional, and compact business card box that has a smooth white coating on the outside, and a neutral matte grey interior. Their high quality keeps the cards safe, and the sturdy construction keeps the cards secure.

Special Orders

Contacting us

If you have any questions about the Multiple Catch landing page photography or Introduction Cards photography/quantities, please contact us at:

Oevae Marketing Consultants
c/o Multiple Catch

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