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Create a Desire

Create a Desire
Remember the saying "A picture is worth a 1,000 words?" Now you can utilize that power with this system which creates curiosity and shows your prospect the possibilities of their financial freedom.
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Collect Visitor Information

Intelligent Technology
No more wondering who is watching your Ambit Energy prospect video. With your own landing page your prospects will enter their Name, Email, and Phone Number before watching your video, so you can follow up.
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Responsive Technology

Our system automatically works with iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, and instantly changes your responsive landing page to fit their viewing screen.
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Listen. Learn. Grow your Ambit Energy Business with the TeamFIN Traning Call Audio Recordings. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Introduction Cards allow you to send more prospects to your landing page so they learn about creating their financial freedom with Ambit Energy.

Introduction Cards

Business Card Features

  • 6 Unique Color Pictures on Two-sided Business Cards
  • Heavy Weight Satin Paper Finish
  • Personalized with Your Own Contact Information
  • Business Card Holder


  • I feel it can be a powerful tool in conjunction with the business cards. I appreciate your excellent customer service. Thank you so much for a super fast job done. Tariq Ausaf -
  • Very excited about your awesome landing page, you did a great job! Patti Proulx -
  • The Introduction Cards have lead more people to my website than anything I've tried. People are captivated by the quality. Jeff Schlesinger -
  • I've used these cards to open more conversations than I can remember. People are always asking me where I got my cards. Gibron Williams -
  • The cards simply captivate everyone handout. Nice card is what I hear, then I see the resulut when they visited my website. Getty Mekonnen -

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Send Prospects to Your Ambit Energy Video.

Have you ever wonder if your prospect watched the Ambit Energy consultant information video you sent them? Stop wondering and get informed now! This unique landing page system will peak your prospects interest, collect their Name, Email, Phone Number and forward them to watch your Ambit Energy video. Now you can follow up with your prospect in a timely manner, answer their questions and get them started.
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Responsive Design

Responsive technology allows visitors to view a consistent message from any device or size screen.

Visitor Follow up

Know who's watching your Ambit Energy prospect video, so you can follow up.

Personalize Design

Contact us to upgrade colors, photographs, music, or opening introduction message.